How many weddings do you book a year?

On average we will book between 9 and 12 a year--we call it a “season,” which runs from April through Halloween typically, for us. Clients who make up this number typically book venue month of packages with design assistance and full planning services. The peak of our season--when we have the most bookings and clients--is…
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Will I have your full attention for my wedding?

Absolutely yes! Though we have many wonderful clients in an event season with various needs, we do our best to respond to you as quickly as we can. We also believe we are our strongest when we have ONE client per weekend, and believe you should get all of our time, attention and care when…
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Whom will I work with on my wedding?

Typically you’ll work with Genevieve as your lead, point person though some clients occasionally work with a senior Lead Coordinator. All weddings, regardless of size, will require 2 staff members: one Lead Coordinator and one Assistant Coordinator. On the day of your wedding our team is the first to arrive and the last to leave…
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