Nhuanh (pronounced "new-AWN") has been on the Lily Spruce team since 2010. She takes great joy in creating meaningful spaces to celebrate love and connection, and working with her clients to bring their visions to fruition. nhuanh prides herself in the details, logistics, coordination, execution, and more details -- always telling her clients that there is no detail too small to communicate, knowing that it's in the details that the vision gets worked out. Her favorite part of a wedding is seeing the look on the couple's faces during the ceremony -- when they have just arrived at the place that they had been working so hard towards, seeing them be truly present in the moment and begin to relish in their special day.

When Nhuanh is not at a wedding or event, she is working at a cultural arts center, serving vietnamese coffee from her pop-up, doing yoga, or enjoying a slow morning at her home in Oakland. Nhuanh studied psychology and sociology at UC Santa Cruz.