We Tell All

At Lily Spruce, we love supporting our wedding industry community. So when Audrey Chaney of Botanica Lifestyle & Design came calling for a spotlight feature on Lily Spruce, on her blog, we said Y-E-S!
Here’s a link to the story and more about why we love what we do. I even talk about my four favorite, current

    wedding trends!
    Out-of-the-Box Desserts
    Example: Churros with chocolate, donuts, even croquembouche!
    Mobile Coffee Bars
    Offering your guests hand-pour coffee to their liking!
    Antiqued, Turkish-Style Rugs
    Not only are these rugs visually appealing, but they’re also unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!
    Unique Cocktails
    Example: Punch bowl!
    Out-of-the-Box Desserts (like churros and chocolate!)
    Mobile Coffee Bars
    Antiqued, Turkish-Style Rugs
    Unique signature cocktails

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