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About lilyspruce

Who we are

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter anything.
Not weddings, not corporate events. Nada. Zilch. We understand you want to impart your personality, your way, when it comes to throwing events. You’re different, and so are we.

Our background

Our team comes from a diverse background of years spent in non-profit workplaces, hospitality, marketing and public relations, and event production. We’ve done things with rigid rules in place and found our own way to make our clients’s events shine. In fact, the highest compliment we are ever paid is is from guests who step into an event and say, “this is sooooooo them” instead of “this is such an awesome Lily Spruce production.” Why? Because it’s not about us. It’s about YOU.

Our process

Quite simply, we’re here for you. You’ve got busy lives, careers to tend to, friends and family to keep up with. Event planning for your wedding or social event cuts into that time. We’re here to:

  • Impart our professional experience from 10 years and over 100 weddings and social events and guide and nurture you to success.

  • Ease the stresses of planning so you can be wholly present with your gathered loved ones and NOT be the point person on your day

  • Attend to all the details and think about all the things you haven’t thought of, because well, you’ve never done this before (or maybe you have, but forgot!)

  • Organize you and your logistics so that the event feels organic, playful, and fun

  • Ensure everything runs smoothly so that your guests (and you, always you) are well taken care of and everyone has a memorable, happy time together


  1. We start with an initial, complimentary consultation in our San Francisco studio.

  2. From that meeting we’ll prepare proposals based on your needs

  3. That will be followed up with a phone call to discuss the proposals and talk and walk you through, and answer questions you might have

  4. After all edits and changes, you’ve got a proposal that is a custom fit to you

  5. Contract is signed, 50% deposit is paid--woohoo, that retains us!

  6. Schedule a kickoff meeting to discuss our goals and expectations in the planning process; immediate next steps (e.g. budget, vendors to book) and orient you on our in-house planning tools.


“If you want to actually enjoy your wedding (or, really, any event you're planning), HIRE LILY SPRUCE. We used Genevieve and her team for our wedding coordination and it was worth every penny.”

beth s.




Hi! I’m Genevieve, a tomboy who happened to grow up liking some pretty girly stuff. I majored in print journalism and was tracking toward a career in sportswriting, when some long stints driving on Highway 99 from small town to small town made me realize it wasn’t for me. Back I went to San Francisco--the city of my birth!--where I was an editor for an online newsmagazine. I transitioned into marketing and PR for a non-profit focused on breast cancer and the environment. I spent six years organizing press and community events, training advocates, and doing a lot of impossible things with very little money and things not in my job description (like, at ALL).

In 2012, feeling emboldened by having side-hustled Lily Spruce for three years, I took a leap and went full time and haven’t looked back. Since our inception, we have planned sit-down galas, cocktail party fundraisers, street festivals for 10,000 and night markets for 1,000. We’ve helped people celebrate store openings, product launches, 40th birthdays, holiday parties, and weddings from 35 people to 250 and up. 

I do what I do because I love seeing communities come together for one powerful day, one amazing moment frozen in time. Deep down, I know I love to help, and I love the beauty and magic of being behind the curtain, behind the scenes. And I love that when the event machine is truly humming, I am immensely proud that Lily Spruce is the engine that has powered it, with a lot of help and collaboration. We don’t do this event planning thing alone, and neither should you.



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