Sounds good so far. What do I have to do to kickstart the process of working with you?

First, you'll want to fill out the form on our Contact page. Shoot us an e-mail at when you've completed it.

Second, we'll review your answers so we can best determine the scope of work and read all about your exciting event plans!

Third, we'll set up a phone call to discuss more details and then make a determination on if we should meet face-t0-face for a 1-hour, complimentary consultation in our Mission District studio. That is, if we're a match!

What sorts of budgets do you work with typically?

We work with budgets from $80,000 to $120,000 on average.

Why choose Lily Spruce over other planning firms?

Our clients choose us because we have 12+ years of knowledge in weddings and social events. We've executed over 70+ weddings in 9 seasons in business where we’ve driven events all the way to success. Our portfolio also extends beyond weddings; we've planned 1,00o+ street festivals; 850-person galas and award shows; opening night parties; 40th birthday parties, and more.

We are super committed to complementing your planning know-how and vision, and make sure your gathering runs as smoothly as possible, in the most organic way. We are here to share our best advice and practices so that you can hand things off with complete trust and confidence.

Who typically engages in Lily Spruce planning services?

People work with us when they know they need:

* Professional expertise
"I'd love someone who has years in the business and whom I can trust to execute our wedding day."

* Organization
"I need someone to keep us on track with deadlines and key benchmarks."

* Budget assistance
"I need someone to help us stay within budget and make sure we have items that we haven't forgotten since we haven't planned a wedding before."

* Design expertise
"I know what I like and don't like, but I don't know how to make my vision come to life, or which vendors to make my design dreams come true. I'm also not so big on Pinterest and not interested in having a cookie cutter wedding. I want something fun, original, and memorable."

* Vendor referrals
"I'm so tired of combing reviews on Yelp, and other wedding review sites. I'd love to hire someone who can leverage their existing relationships and cut down on the research and vetting."

What does it cost?

We don't have packages, simply because we believe every event is a custom build. Instead, take a look at our Services, and pick out what works closely to what you need. From there, fill out our event questionnaire, and if it sounds like a great fit, we'll talk more about next steps like a phone call or a complimentary consultation in which we will go over your event details, budget, guest count and locale and then prepare a proposal based on the information given to us. Each customizable package starts at $6,000 and can go up to $17,000 depending on your needs and the scope of work. If your budget doesn't quite fit into this spectrum, don't lose heart! We can work the numbers and come up with solutions like working with one of our senior team members instead of the principal or perhaps you'd like to take more of the lion's share of work with us in a consultant capacity. We feel strongly that that first inquiry is really the start of many fruitful conversations. Let's tawk!

How far do you travel?

Lily Spruce is based in San Francisco, but travels to any geographic location within a two-and-a-half hours’ drive of the city. We go as far north as Mendocino and as far south as Big Sur (and can go beyond these borders if you must have us!). Lodging and travel fees may apply for locations greater than 30 miles outside of San Francisco.

Do I really need a wedding coordinator or planner?

Yes. Of all the milestone events in your life, your special event, especially if it is your wedding day is not the place to gamble. You need a professional in the ring. After all, you want to be the V.I.P., not the harried go-to person for all manner of trivia. Let us do all the thinking and planning with you so that you can properly enjoy your party and the company of your special guests. Count on us to bring your grand vision to complete fruition.
Here is a snapshot of the many things we’ll be taking off your plate:
• Delegate tasks on wedding day
• Build a day of timeline that reflects all the wedding participants: officiant, vendors, etc
• Know how many tables and chairs to order and which kinds
• Plan the physical space to accommodate all your guests that includes sketching and sending these floor plans to your venue and vendors
• Designate someone to set up all your lovely design details that you’ve worked so hard on for months
• Have a plan for all the decor you’ve purchased, and a plan to break them down and make sure they make it back to you
• Sign off on the correct rental equipment
• Have a Plan B in case of bad weather
• Deal with difficult and challenging vendors
• Disperse tips to all your vendors
• Ensure your vendors eat on wedding day and tabulate their food restrictions with the caterer
• E-mail and phone your vendors to confirm their correct arrival times, equipment for the venue and other needs

Additionally, a venue manager is not going to be looking out for your best interests--they're taking care of their venue, its security, wear, and tear.

Neither is a catering manager, who is more concerned with getting the meal counts, selections, layout and everything related to food service.

However, as your planning team, we are interested in making sure you are getting exactly what you need and want. We hold your vision and blueprint for the day.

Finally a quick intro to terms:

Coordinator= Someone who coordinates aspects of planning during the planning process (usually what you get in our Silver package)

Planner=Someone who plans from the get-go, from the very beginning stage all through the very end

Do you have an office?

Indeed we do! We have a bright, cheery studio space on 18th Street in San Francisco’s Mission district that we share with our friend and frequent collaborator, Eileen of Buena Lane Photography Drop by and say hello, and tell me the most awesome place you’ve eaten at lately and what I should have.

Do you do events other than weddings?

Absolutely. In fact, we love mixing up our event portfolio! Holiday parties, christenings, fundraisers, vow renewals, anniversaries, milestone birthdays--consider us your party godmothers.

What about LGBTQ weddings?

A thousand times shouted from the mountains: Y-E-S! We believe in marriage equality and celebrations of love in all forms (ask about the surprise Star Wars wedding we did). Let us help you achieve your vision.


Very! Lily Spruce was built originally in response to the tremendous waste we saw (and still see) in the event industry. We knew there were folks out who wanted to plan events that considered the impact on Earth and wanted to make very intentional decisions around purchasing while having meaningful, personal details. For awhile, we had "Sustainable Event Planning" on our business cards, fully intending to differentiate ourselves from other event firms. We've since dropped the tag line, but we will never ever drop our core values. We believe with our whole heart that you can have the event of your dreams, create zero to little waste, and support and hire artists, makers and vendors who share in our vision and our values. We want to be sure that our children, and children's children, and many generations after them have a planet to keep celebrating on, long after we're gone.