Amy + Kacey’s Firework of a Wedding

True story: Kacey used to be on my grade school basketball team and we went to the same high school. Her engagement to Amy popped up on my Facebook feed, and I let her know “congrats, I’m a planner, let me know when you want to talk!” And a relationship was born. Kacey comes from a family where sailing is both sport and lifestyle, and much of the couple’s social life took place at the Sausalito Yacht Club, of which they are members. So the yacht club--an extension of their living room, as they liked to call it, became the perfect setting for both ceremony and reception.

The biggest challenge for us: transforming the space into something softer, more feminine. But what do to with all the trophy cases, bulletin boards, and other details that weren’t so wedding-y? The answer: remove most if not all the furniture and bring in a ton of rentals, and pipe and drape. And so it went. None of it was easy, and even on event day there was some hand wringing (no event is without its stress), but the product was personal, beautiful, and marked with a fireworks display that will ever be a capstone to our 9-year-old business. As the fireworks burst, with a soundtrack we coordinated to time perfectly with the display, happy tears between my assistant and I streamed down, knowing with all certainty, that we nailed it.


Sausalito Yacht Club

Planning + Design:
Lily Spruce

Rito Ito

The Glamourist

Alice Koswara

Siegel Fine Arts


Coffee Cart: 
Hedge Coffee

Loaf + Larder (Mindy Beebe)

Pop Rocks

Brides Gowns: 
Oscar de la RentaVera Wang

Bridal Gown Onsite Styling: 
Wedding Detailor

Jimmy Choo


Buena Lane Photography

Britton Holland